Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bean editorial discusses Corzine recall

Greater Media Executive Editor Greg Bean penned an editorial discussing a recall effort under way regarding Gov. Jon Corzine. He endorsed the idea of concerned residents participating in this. I agree that anyone who is so moved should do that, as it is an expression any citizen should be allowed to do. People should be encouraged to exercise their rights and not discouraged to do so.

Yet, I also believe that is the purpose of elections. I think some of what Mr. Corzine has done is very bad, and gives me incredible pause about ever voting for him again. But, he came up with some lame ideas, and didn't do anything unconstitutional or illegal. If lame ideas were a valid reason for recall in and of themselves, I suggest getting started on the legislature next week.

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Carl said...


You are apparently confusing Recall with Impeachment. Impeachment is for wrongdoing, Recall is for voter dissatisfaction, and in Jon Corzine, NJ voters have much to be dissatisfied with, given his track record of broken promises and complete failure.

Far from undermining the voters of New Jersey, our recall drive is an attempt to empower them. If our petition drive is successful, the voters still get the final say as to whether Jon Corzine remains Governor, a simple yes or no choice on November's ballot.

Carl Bergmanson